Deschamps: 'A tough group'

Les Bleus

France boss Didier Deschamps recognised the challenge that lies ahead after being drawn with Germany and the Netherlands for the inaugural season of the UEFA Nations League season in 2018.

Wednesday saw the draw for the first-ever UEFA Nations League effected in Lausanne, Switzerland, with France being drawn in League A's Group One alongside Germany and the Netherlands.

"Given the competition's format, we were always going to be drawn with some of the best teams. It's a tough group but that's the idea of the Nations League," said France coach Deschamps of the multi-tiered competition whose matches will be played between September and November 2018. "These matches will have a competitive element as the top of the group makes it into the tournament's final phase.

'A good thing for everyone'

"It's a good thing for everyone - for big nations and little ones alike. It's getting tougher and tougher to find opponents for friendly matches, so this new competition is very promising. There will be more natural adrenaline and excitement for the players, and it's good for the fans and the media too. It's a very good thing."



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