Holders PSG face Rennes

French Cup

Paris Saint-Germain's bid to lift the Coupe de France for the fourth season running will begin at Rennes. That is on of three ties between Ligue 1 Conforama clubs.

Strasbourg host Dijon and Toulouse will entertain Nice in the Round of 64.

Ties to be played January 5-7:

Group A
Strasbourg - Dijon
Nancy (L2) - Lyon
Sochaux (L2) - Amiens
Still (R3) - Troyes
Avallon (N3) – Chambly (N1)
Schiltigheim (N2) - Auxerre (L2)
Fleury-Merogis (N2) – Biesheim (N3)
Entente SSG (N1) – Epinal (2) or Blanc Mesnil (N3)

Group B
Toulouse - Nice
Moulins Yzeure (N2) - Monaco
Pontarlier (N3) - Montpellier
Canet (N3) – Sud Nivernais Imphy-Decize (R1)
Fabrègues (N3) - Bourg-en-Bresse (L2)
Colomiers (N2) - Le Puy (N2)
GFC Ajaccio (L2) or Gémenos (N3) – Grenoble (N1)
Saint-Etienne – Nîmes (L2)

Group C
Marseille – Valenciennes (L2)
Dunkerque (N1) - Metz
Le Mans (N2) - Lille
Senlis (N3) - Nantes
Hazebrouck (R1) - Caen
Lens (L2) – Boulogne-sur-Mer (N1)
Chartres (N2) – Tours (L2)
Saint-Lô (N3) – Aubervilliers (N3)

Group D
Rennes – PSG
Angers – Lorient (L2)
Granville (N2) – Bordeaux
Guingamp – Niort (L2)
Saint-Malo (N2) - Châteauroux
Vannes (N3) - Saint-Brieuc (N2)
Angoulême (N3) - Les Herbiers (N1)
Houilles (R3) - Concarneau (N1)

N1 = D3, N2 = D4, N3 = D5, R1 = D6, R3 = D8

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