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France international Patrice Evra has left club Olympique de Marseille, player and club agreeing to terminate his contract in the wake of his violent response to fan taunts in the lead-up to OM's Europa League match in Guimaraes.

Less than a year after his arrival at the Mediterranean giants from Juventus, Patrice Evra is without a club following his catastrophic reaction to abusive travelling OM fans in Portugal last week.

"Olympique de Marseille and Patrice Evra have decided by mutual agreement to put an end to their collaboration," read a communiqué released by the club on Friday. "The player's contract has officially terminated with immediate effect."

Perpetrators to be pursued

However, club president Jacques-Henri Eyraud wasn't unsympathetic to the plight of Evra, whom he said had always "behaved impeccably on the pitch and in the dressing room", and vowed to prosecute the individual fans involved in the provocation.

"While the club enjoys the atmosphere in the stands and recognises the unstinting and sometimes difficult work done by supporter groups, it intends to sanction those fans who commit this kind of infraction," the communiqué continued.

UEFA weighs in

Evra has also been handed down a €10,000 fine and seven-month suspension from European competition by UEFA - which could, if the governing body opts to pursue the matter, be extended to national and international competitions.

The club has also been fined €25,000 for the incident in which fans broke through security barriers, set off flares and damaged property. OM have 30 days in which to contact Vitoria Guimaraes concerning reparations for the damage done.


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