Mbappé: 'Paris Saint-Germain is another step up'

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First it was Neymar, now it's Kylian Mbappé! PSG look to have struck gold once again by adding the 18-year-old Monaco prodigy to their ranks… The man of the hour spoke to beIN SPORTS after his official presentation.

The Parisian-born forward is delighted to arrive on loan, though the move will become permanent next summer in a deal worth €145m.

"This is something I really wanted so I'm very happy, it's a real pleasure to arrive at this club," said Paris' prodigal son. "For weeks now, I think everybody has known that I had made my mind up. Of course there was tough negotiation between the two clubs, but in the end, fortunately for everyone it ended in an agreement. Now I am here!"

'Paris Saint-Germain is massive'

Mbappé went on to make it clear that this is no ordinary move for him: not only is it his boyhood club, but it's also an ambitious, growing power on the European stage.

"For a Frenchman, Paris Saint-Germain is massive, even more so for someone who was born in Paris, like me. It's true also that since the Qatari takeover there are big players and big ambitions to win everything, and that attracts ambitious players," explained the native of Bondy, a suburb in Paris' northeast. "Monaco allowed me to play at the highest level, but it's true that Paris Saint-Germain is another step up. It's something that will allow me to grow, develop in my career and become a more complete player."

While the glitz and glamour of life as a superstar in the French capital could easily lead an average 18-year-old off the path, Mbappé - clearly anything but average - isn't worried.

'Everything you need to succeed'

"I know Paris, so I know what is good and what is not so good for me, I'll try to avoid going to places that could lead me astray," he declared. "That aside, I think Paris Saint-Germain is a club that gives you everything you need to succeed; you don't even have time to think about things outside of football. Even in terms of resting, once you have done all your training your day is finished, you don't have time for anything else."

Speculation as to how he will fit into coach Unai Emery's line-up has been rife since his signature last Thursday, but Mbappé is not overly concerned.

"I'm used to playing in any attacking role from my time in Monaco, I've had coaches that switched my position every year," he resonded. "They wanted me to be a complete forward, adaptable to any tactical set-up."

'Neymar is an unbelievable player'

Tipped to reach the very top, Mbappé is nonetheless keen to let Neymar bask in the limelight - for now at least.

"We already have a player here capable of winning the Ballon d'Or! I think he has all the qualities needed to win that title. We will do everything we can to help him do so, and with his qualities I think he can help us win the Champions League, which is my biggest objective too. But of course, would be nice to have a Ballon d'Or winning team-mate," he smiled. "I haven't even played with him yet but I know it's going to be easy! Neymar is an unbelievable player who will help Paris Saint-Germain reach new heights. I hope he is happy here so he can give his all on the pitch."

So what can PSG's fans hope for in Mbappé's first year back in the capital?

"All the titles we can win, especially the Champions League," he smiled. "But most of all, good health and lots of goals!"


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