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Olympique de Marseille owner Frank McCourt has labeled the actions of defender Patrice Evra, who kicked a supporter, as 'unacceptable'.

Evra was suspended indefinitely by the club immediately following the incident in Portugal, where he kicked a disgruntled OM supporter in the head in the lead-up to the 1-0 Europa League loss to Vitoria Guimaraes, and almost a week later, club owner Frank McCourt weighed in.

"This was unacceptable behaviour, from both the player and the supporters," McCourt, interviewed in Miami, told Marseille-area daily La Provence. "It's not something that we can tolerate at Marseille, it's as simple as that."


However, as Evra prepares for a Friday meeting with club president Jacques-Henri Eyraud - which many believe will be the first step in the administrative proceedings involved in sacking the player - McCourt expressed some regret at the actions of the travelling fans, who had stolen past security barriers to unleash heckles and taunts from pitchside.

"It's a very regrettable incident and it is really a pity to see a great player like Patrice pushed to a point where he behaves like that," said McCourt before underlining that Eyraud has full discretion in dealing with the matter.

"I will leave it up to him to decide how the club will deal with this matter," he concluded, although the player will almost certainly face sanctions from governing body UEFA - who have charged him with violent conduct - on top of whatever penalty the club hands down.


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