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Publish on 21/09/2019 at 08:00


Since making his Ligue 1 Conforama debut for Bordeaux in 2004, Renaud Cohade has become a fixture of the top division scene. At 34, the Metz schemer reveals all he knows about Ligue 1.

Cohade ran through his career highlights, speaking to The Ligue 1 Show on beIN Sports.


"Surviving relegation on the final day with Valenciennes by beating Nice. It was like a final, the winner was safe, so the atmosphere was incredible. Having to win on the final day that way, there was a lot of pressure on us so it was an amazing feeling at full-time, we didn't hold back on the celebrations!"


"My best goal in Ligue 1 was with Saint-Etienne, against Troyes. At half-time that day, coach Galtier had given me an earful because I'd been too often out of position. It boosted me, and I went on a nice little run in the penalty box, after a nice ball from Jonathan Brison. It was a nice goal, it's a good memory!"


"It was with Valenciennes against Paris Saint-Germain! We lost 4-3! But it was a spectacular game! Against a sta- studded PSG team, there Nene, Jeremy Ménez, some top players! I scored the third. I had one of my best games, I really enjoyed it in midfield. There were plenty of goals. Coaches don't necessarily enjoy that sort of game but as a player it was great, I've got great memories of that day!"


"Ah! At the Geoffroy-Guichard! When we won the derby 3-0! Everyone knows how important the derby is and it had been a while that we hadn't won one at home so the crowd was really pushing us. Those really are great matches to be part of. I was lucky enough to score. We controlled the game and won by three goals so the atmosphere really was crazy!"


"The most naturally talented player I've played alongside is Aubameyang. It's easy to find a guy like him with passes because he's so quick, it makes things easy.

"In the dressing, I've made good friends in football like James Fanchone who I played with at Strasbourg. At Valenciennes, Greg Pujol, David Ducoutrieux. And at Saint-Etienne, I had good times with Fabien Lemoine, Jeremy Clement, Francois Clerc but it's not a great sign that all those guys are now retired!"

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