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Publish on 24/03/2020 at 10h00


Exceptionally extended to the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 Colleges and in the presence of the President of the FFF, this very constructive and productive working meeting provided an opportunity to study the major issues facing professional football.

First of all, the Board worked on the different hypotheses for the resumption of activity. Unanimously, the Board reiterated the priority objective of ending the season by 30 June 2020 - or possibly 15 July. The Council will also support all government initiatives that will allow high level athletes to be able to train again as soon as possible.

Secondly, the meeting focused on the consolidation of clubs' short-term cash flow requirements. In order to dimension the financial needs of French professional football, the financial services of the LFP and the DNCG will centralise and consolidate the needs of the clubs. In this context, the Office welcomes today's announcements by the government to assist companies.

In addition, the Bureau would like to see discussions to adopt a common position on social dialogue between the clubs and the UNFP, which represents the players.

In terms of methodology, the LFP Bureau will be the steering committee for all the actions and reflections undertaken by professional football to deal with this crisis. To do so, it will rely on three working groups:

1. Recovery plans and scenarios

2. Short-term cash flow and financing

3. Social Dialogue

At a time of general mobilisation, the LFP Bureau is calling on all the players in the professional football ecosystem - clubs, players, coaches and also broadcasters - to show their unity and solidarity in order to get through this unprecedented crisis.

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