Fortress: Longest unbeaten streaks at home

Publish on 12/01/2022 at 09:39


After a Ligue 1 Uber Eats Round 20 marked by OM's historic victory in Bordeaux, what are the longest unbeaten streaks currently under way? And in the division's history? Get your key stats right here…

A drought of 44 years and 36 matches. In the opening match of Ligue 1 Uber Eats Round 20 on Friday evening, Olympique de Marseille managed to win at Bordeaux for the first time since October 1, 1977. Cengiz Ünder's goal thus ended the longest unbeaten home run in the history of the league.

PSG, ASSE, OM and Reims in good position

Among the current Ligue 1 Uber Eats fixtures, there are five home unbeaten streaks that exceed 20 games. The benchmark is now PSG's run against RC Strasbourg Alsace at the Parc des Princes: 31 games without defeat since May 1975. While PSG have three on-going streaks of more than 13 games, AS Saint-Etienne, Olympique de Marseille and Stade de Reims each have two long unbeaten streaks at home.

Longest unbeaten home streaks among current league clubs:
1. Paris Saint-Germain (vs Strasbourg): 31 matches (since 30 May 1975)
2. Stade de Reims (vs Lens): 24 (since 24 November 1946)
3. Olympique Lyonnais (vs Strasbourg): 22 (since 12 May 1981)
4. AS Saint-Etienne (vs Reims): 20 (since 26 February 1961)
--. LOSC (vs Saint-Etienne): 20 (since 8 November 1994)
6. Stade de Reims (vs Strasbourg): 15 (since 21 February 1960)
7. AS Saint-Etienne (vs Angers): 14 (since 17 December 1972)
--. Paris Saint-Germain (vs Metz): 14 (since 23 March 1997)
--. Girondins de Bordeaux (vs Lorient): 14 (since 14 April 1999)
--. Olympique de Marseille (vs Bordeaux): 14 (since 8 February 2009)
11. Paris Saint-Germain (vs Angers): 13 (since 23 August 1974)
--. Olympique de Marseille (vs Strasbourg): 13 (since April 25, 1998)
--. AS Monaco (vs Metz): 13 (since 10 March 1999)

PSG-Strasbourg, the new Bordeaux-OM?

And what about in the history of the championship? While Bordeaux's home record against OM was the longest at 36 games, the second-longest unbeaten home record belongs to AS Saint-Etienne against LOSC: a series of 32 games without defeat between 1952 and 2006. The third-longest unbeaten streak in absolute terms is PSG's against Strasbourg. At 31 games without defeat, the Parisian club's run is just five matches shy of the Bordeaux-OM record, so it won't be in a position to challenge for all-time status before 2026-27.

The longest unbeaten home streaks in Ligue 1 Uber Eats history:
1. Girondins de Bordeaux (vs OM): 36 matches (from 02/12/1978 to 07/01/2022)
2. AS Saint-Etienne (vs LOSC): 32 (from 12/10/1952 to 18/02/2006)
3. Paris Saint-Germain (vs Strasbourg): 31 (since 30/05/1975)
4. LOSC (vs Rennes): 30 (from 10/06/1967 to 17/01/2018)
5. Paris Saint-Germain (vs Bastia): 29 (since 22/09/1971)
--. Girondins de Bordeaux (vs Metz): 29 (from 29/05/1981 to 27/02/2021)