The Fastest: Mbappé still out in front... just!

The Fastest: Mbappé still out in front... just!

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Kylian Mbappé could well be the fastest player in the world, but he is not without competitors - notably FC Lorient's Nigeria strike Terem Moffi, who has kept pace with the PSG speedster on the pitch - and on the scoring chart. Key stats on Ligue 1 Uber Eats' speed demons!

Kylian Mbappé is no longer alone! Flashing by at 36 km/h, Paris Saint-Germain's No.7, known for his speed, has long been the fastest player this season. But he has finally been caught by another striker.

With a much larger frame (1.88m and 89kg compared to 1.78m and 73kg for the Parisian), Terem Moffi (FC Lorient) is nonetheless a formidable sprinter, who has also reached 36km/h.

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Behind the two front-runners, there are now three men standing on the third step of the podium. Abdallah Sima (Angers SCO) and Elye Wahi (MHSC), two other particularly fast strikers, were recently joined by young LOSC player Alan Virginius.

17 players at over 35 km/h

Behind this quintet, 12 players are tied at just over 35 km/h. Of note is Kevin Gameiro: at 35 years of age, the RC Strasbourg Alsace striker has lost none of his speed, being the only player over 30 years of age to appear in the Top 10.

Whizzing past at 35.28 km/h, he is on a par with Achraf Hakimi (PSG), Thomas Delaine (RCSA), Falaye Sacko (MHSC), Jackson Porozo (ESTAC), Chrislain Matsima (FC Lorient), Caio Henrique (AS Monaco) and Ismail Jakobs (AS Monaco), the fastest defenders this season.

The fastest in Ligue 1 Uber Eats (2022-23):
1. Kylian Mbappé (PSG): 36 km/h
-- Terem Moffi (FC Lorient): 36 km/h
3. Abdallah Sima (Angers SCO): 35,64 km/h
-- Alan Virginius (LOSC): 35,64 km/h
-- Elye Wahi (Montpellier HSC): 35,64 km/h
6. Dango Ouattara (ex-FC Lorient): 35,28 km/h
-- Achraf Hakimi (PSG): 35,28 km/h
-- Kevin Gameiro (RC Strasbourg Alsace): 35,28 km/h
-- Thomas Delaine (RC Strasbourg Alsace): 35,28 km/h
-- Franck Honorat (Stade Brestois 29): 35,28 km/h
-- Falaye Sacko (Montpellier HSC): 35,28 km/h
-- Jackson Porozo (ESTAC Troyes): 35,28 km/h
-- Chrislain Matsima (FC Lorient): 35,28 km/h
-- Caio Henrique (AS Monaco): 35,28 km/h
-- Ismail Jakobs (AS Monaco): 35,28 km/h
-- Ignatius Ganago (FC Nantes): 35,28 km/h
-- Loïs Openda (RC Lens): 35,28 km/h

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