Loïc Négo

EuroStars: Loïc Négo (Hungary)

EuroStars: Loïc Négo (Hungary)

Publish on 06/01 at 23:00 - E. RAZO


As UEFA Euro 2024 draws closer, we’re focusing on a player from each of the 24 participating countries (except for France). In this latest article of the series, we’ll concentrate on Le Havre's veteran defender Loïc Négo.

Négo wrapped up playing his first season in Ligue 1 this past 2023-24 campaign for Le Club Doyen, making 28 league appearances while registering five assists. It was a challenging experience for the 33-year-old, considering Le Havre avoided the relegation playoff spot by three points.


Despite the rollercoaster experience, Négo couldn't wrap up his football career without playing in France's top flight, as he said in an interview with Ligue 1. The right-back had played in Ligue 2 but didn't reach the first division of French football before leaving the country to play abroad.


"I left abroad very early in my career, where I experienced some great things, but it was a dream for me to one day play in the French top flight. I had already played in Ligue 2 with Nantes, but as a French professional player, if I had ended my career without experiencing the best of French football, it would have felt like something was missing."


"There would have been a bitter taste, a feeling of unfinished business, and that's what I told my children before signing with Le Havre last summer. I had been thinking about it for several years, but the right project hadn't come along until then."

While playing abroad, the French defender would find a home with Fehérvár FC. Négo joined the Hungarian club in 2015 and made 312 appearances, scoring 39 goals and 49 assists during his nine-year tenure there.


During his time in Hungary, he became a Hungarian citizen via naturalization in 2019, which meant he was eligible to play for the Hungary national team after not playing for France at the senior level. As he noted during his interview with Ligue 1, the decision to represent a country in which he spent nearly a decade isn't one that Négo regrets.


"I think I could have waited for the French team until my death (laughs). Unfortunately for me, I wasn't going to have that chance to play for the French national team, which was a childhood dream, so why not represent Hungary, a country that welcomed me very well and gave me a lot... Today, I have no regrets!"


Négo and Hungary will be in Group A with the host nation Germany, Scotland, and Switzerland. The Le Havre standout has made 35 appearances for the Magyars and scored two goals as Négo will look to bring that veteran experience to Marco Rossi and his squad this summer.


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