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By finding the net against Montpellier Hérault SC in Week 23, Edinson Cavani became Paris Saint-Germain's greatest ever goal-scorer.

After overtaking Zlatan Ibrahimovic's mark of 156 goals, El Matador reflected on the journey that's seen him become a Paris legend.

"I shared the same vision as the club and I had big ambitions and a real appetite to achieve great things with Paris Saint-Germain," Cavani told This Is Paris on beIN Sports.

"The club showed great confidence in me and did everything to sign me. The project was incredible with exciting objectives. Honestly, it was very attractive.

Modest upbringing

"The best thing was that the club wanted to keep growing, wanted to make history, reach its goals and win trophies. They are the best objectives to have in football, in any sport - the aim to win things as a team. For me, winning as a team is the best thing in the world. That was what brought me here, the aim to win the league, to be in a position to win the Champions League, all that convinced me to sign for the club."

Cavani was born in Salto, Uruguay, near the Argentine border. He began his professional career with Danubio, in Montevideo, where he spent two seasons, winning the Uruguayan title.

The goal that made Cavani PSG's all-time top scorer

These were formative years and they helped forge both the man and the player that Cavani is today.

"We were a very modest family. We didn't have a family home and we never stayed in the one place. We would live in one house for a few years and then move. So I met a lot of people. I was a happy kid that always made friends and liked to spend time with my family and mates. Over the years, I had so many friends and knew so many people back home. Today, when I go back home, I love spending time with them and I remember all the fun time growing up, I remember the streets and the people. That was my childhood and I was very happy.

Importance of respect

"In Uruguay, our football culture is like - how can I put it - it's like every kid's bread and butter. The people back home live and breathe football in a very passionate way. It's not like in Europe. Back home, the facilities aren't always good, the equipment isn't always good, sometimes there's nowhere to train, but that gives you an edge, it stimulates you, to fight, really fight for what you want, you become a competitor.

"My only aim when I play is to fight for my team, to help my team beat the other side. Sometimes I don't even see what's going on around the ground because I’m so focused, I don't notice anything else. But at other times, you look around and you really realise what it means to be inside a stadium, surrounded by so much passion, but that's on the other side of the barrier, that's the fans. I only think about winning, of competing and giving my maximum for my team and my teammates.

"After so much time and so much hard work, people start to recognise what you have achieved. I see that they are happy with what I’m doing and that is a great feeling. It inspires me to keep working hard, to keep giving everything for this club. I think that one of the most important things in the world is respect, and when people respect you for what you are and what you've done, it is worth more than anything in the world."

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