Official Assists Chart



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Ratified by the Competition Organisation Commission of the LFP

Legend :
A = Assists
Dead ball = Dead ball assists
Pld = Games played in which key passes were made
TP = Minutes played

Top Assists Chart: user guide and rules

The Top Assists Chart is updated after each round of matches by the Commission.

To determine if a pass is an Assist, the Commission draws upon the following guidelines:

For a pass to be considered an assist, it must:
- be the last pass before a goal,
- be intentional,
- play a teammate into a goal-scoring position.

This Top Assists Chart includes assists from set pieces (free-kick, corner, throw-ins and penalties). The Top Assists Chart shows the total number of assists and also the number of those assists that came from set pieces.

In case of a tie in the Top Assists Chart, the players will be separated using the following criteria :
1/ the player that delivered the greater number of passes from open play
2/ the player that delivered their assists in the greater number of matches
3/ the player that played the fewer minutes.