1. Scope of the GTU

The present General Terms of Use (“GTU”) govern the use of our websites and internet application,,,, and of our mobile application MY LIGUE (hereinafter referred to as our "Sites and / or the App"), run by the LFP (the information about the LFP is available on the legal notice), by the user of our Websites or the App (“the User”), whether:

- He/She is an internet user, accessing, visiting and browsing through the Website or the App;

- He/She is an internet user subscribing, creating an account and accessing his/her account on the Website or the App.

By browsing the Website or accessing the APP and carrying out activities on it, the User acknowledges that he/she has read and accepted with no reserve the present GTU.

The LFP retains the right to modify at any moment the present GTU.

The GTU applicable are always the ones applicable at the time of the relevant access of the Website by the User.The present GTU are completed by the Privacy Policy.

2. Access to the Website or the App

The User has to deal himself with the IT resources (computers, technical means, network and telecommunications) enabling him/her to access the Website or the App, as well as the necessary knowledge of Internet and Website’s or App's access.

The User shall bear the cost relating to Internet access and use of the Website or the App (connection and devices).

The User accesses and uses the Website and/or the App at his/her own risk.

It is forbidden to try to gain unauthorized access to the Website’s and/or App’s services, to access the Website or to remain on it through any other mean than the interface provided by the LFP for this purpose.

3. Subscription and User’s account’s management

The User can create an account by providing his/her data.It is necessary to accept the GTU in order to create an account.

The creation of an account enables the User to:

- Create an account, by specifying his/her identification data, in particular his/her favourite club;

- Consult and enrich his/her account with his/her personal data;

- Gain access to main information about his/her favourite club, favourite players and his/her records (articles and videos);

- Indicate his/her preference in respect of emails, in order to receive communication from the LFP or its partners about competitions, offers or various event related to football;

- Receive mobile notifications and alerts, depending on his/her preferences, from the LFP whether on Websites or on the App (MY LIGUE).

The creation of an account is free and requires no payment.

The User shall check that the data he/she specifies are accurate, up to date and do not infringe third parties’ rights.The User’s identification data related to his/her account, especially his/her password, are personal and confidential. The User remains responsible for his/her use of this data and any log in to his/her account will be deemed to be executed by him/her.

Shall the User realize, or even suspect, that his/her password has been lost or stolen, he/she shall immediately create a new password by clicking on “Forgotten password?” on the log in area, or, failing that, alert the LFP.

4. User’s behaviour

Every User shall use the Website or the App, including his/her User account when he/she created one, in a responsible manner, acting respectfully and courteously toward third parties and the LFP.

In this respect, the User, by accessing the Website and/or the App (including his/her account) shall refrain from:

- Acting in a way that he/she is not allowed to according to applicable laws;

- Uploading on the Website and/or the App and/or displaying : a content he/she is not allowed to transmit according to applicable laws; a content that may be considered illicit, detrimental, threatening, insulting, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, contrary to public morals, invading the privacy of a third party, heinous, disparaging or shocking from a racial, ethnic or other point of view; a content that could harm the LFP or a third party’s (including the LFP partners) image; unsolicited or unauthorized advertising content or any other solicitation, any element containing malwares or other codes, files or software designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or computer or telecommunication device;

- Disturbing or interrupting the functioning of the Website and/or the App or the servers/networks connected to the Website and/or the App;

- Trying to cause harm to another User, the hosting provider or the network, in particular by exposing the Website and/or the App to a virus, creating a saturation, flooding the server, etc.;

- Accessing data that was not intended for him/her or break into a server / an account he/she was not allowed to access;

- Trying, without authorization, to probe, examine or test the vulnerability of a system, including the Website and/or the App or a network, or to breach security or authentication measures;

- Impersonating the identity of a third party, including another User;

- Transmitting or Forwarding (by any mean) derivative information or software of the Application or the Website, in particular to other countries or foreign nationals in violation of national or international laws.

The User is solely responsible for any loss or damage occurring in particular to his/her computer system / his/her devices (computers, smartphones, tablet, etc.) or the data loss that might directly or indirectly result from it.

5. Processing of the Users’ personal data

Information on the processing of Users’ personal data is available here.

6. Intellectual property

Some elements of the Website and the App (e.g.: trademarks, software, databases, photographs, illustrations, texts, graphic charter, or the combination of these elements) may be protected by intellectual property rights, in particular copyright and trademarks.

For example, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Coupe de la Ligue, MyLigue are registered trademarks owned by the LFP.

Disclosure of these elements through the Website or through the App cannot be interpreted as a licence to use them or as giving any right other than consulting and making a personal use of the Website or the App, within the framework of its function.

Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of the Website or its elements without prior written authorisation of the publisher (LFP) renders the offender liable to prosecution.

7. Cookies

When you consult the Website or the App, unless you objected or set your web browser to this end, cookies will be placed on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Cookies are text files that are used in order to recognize your browser over their period of validity and can be used to optimize the Website’s use and to personalize, the displayed contents, etc

The Website uses the following cookies:

- Technical cookies: in order to allow the use of the Website and its features. You can, at any time, object the placing of these cookies and delete them by using the settings of your internet browser; however, the use of the Website might be impaired.

- Cookies that measure the audience of the Website, social network cookies, and, for video content, cookies enabling the LFP to adapt the Website and the App and its content depending on the visitors’ use and browsing, to measure the number of visits, of views, the activity of the Users on the Website or the App and the frequency of the User’s returns. At any time, you can object the placing of cookies and delete them by using the settings of your internet browser or the cookies management tool (

Except if you objected, the period of validity of your consent about the cookies is 1 year.

8. Credits

The Website and the APp has been designed by: Microsoft, Accenture Interactive and User Adgents.

The photographs published on our Website are from: @FEP.

9.Links to third-parties’ websites, services and the App

The Website and the App may include links to other websites or other information sources, run by partners websites or third parties. Since the LFP cannot control these sites, it cannot vouch for the availability and the content of these websites and external sources, and cannot be held responsible for the personal data processing they execute through these sites, contents, advertisements, products, services. The LFP also does not accept any responsibility regarding any actual or alleged damages or loss, emerging from or related to the use of the content, goods or services available on these partners services sites or external sources, or related to the fact you trusted them.

Permission is not required to include links to the Website or the App, but the person doing so undertakes to respect the law and the present GTU. He/she shall however display the Website or the App in a new window or a new tab of the browser, and not use the framing technic.

The LFP may nevertheless ask the deletion of link if it deems it to go against the purpose of the Website (in particular the present GTU), defamatory, counterfeiting, constituting passing off or infringing its rights or the rights of others.

10. Limitation of liability

The LFP undertakes to ensure the correct functioning of the Website or the App, however, it cannot be held liable for any inconvenient or damage occurring to the User because of the use of the Website and/or the App or any inconvenient or damage inherent to the use of the Internet, including a service interruption, an external intrusion or the presence of computer virus.

11. Navigation on the Website

Information (wires, photographs, logos) are protected by intellectual property rights owned by the LFP.

This information can therefore not be reproduced, modified, transmitted, rebroadcasted, translated, sold, commercially exploited or re-used in any way without the LFP’s prior written authorisation.

12. Invalidity of the GTU and entire agreement

Shall one or several dispositions of the GTU be held void or declared as such pursuant to a law or as a consequence of a final decision of a competent court, the other dispositions would remain applicable in full force.

In the event of difficulties in the interpretation between any of the titles of the dispositions and any of the dispositions, the title will be discarded and the provision in question will prevail.

13. Consequences of infringement of the GTU

The LFP will be able to put an end to the use of the Website by the User where his/her conduct infringes the present GTU.

Last update: 10/03/2021.


Information on the processing of your personal data

Your personal data is processed by the Ligue de Football Professionnel (an association governed by the French law of July 1st, 1901, whose headquarters are located 6, Rue Léo Delibes 75116 Paris – France –“ the LFP”) for the following purposes and according to the following legal basis:

- in order to manage your subscription and your account: performance of Website’s and App's GTU;

- in order to send you personalised communication and transmit it to our partners, enabling them to send communications and offers : your consent;

- in order to respond to contact requests, for the LFP to send general information, to support the Website improvement and the realisation of statistic surveys : legitimate interest pursued by the LFP consisting in following up on requests and answers (except regarding the exercise of data subjects’ rights on their personal data), but also to promote its activity and improve its Sites and communication documents;

- in order to respond to the exercise of personal data’s rights : compliance with a legal obligation to which the LFP is subject as a data controller.

The LFP can transmit data to its intermediary service providers, its partners with your consent, to the internal services of the LFP and, where appropriate, to the clubs.

Your personal data is stored for the following periods:

- Regarding accounts management and the sending of communication (general, personalised or by our partners): as long as your account has not been deleted and you haven’t objected to such communication;

- Regarding contact requests and exercise of your right on your personal data: for a period enabling the LFP to handle your request, then your data will be archived for the duration of legal prescription applicable to evidentiary and statistical purposes;

- Regarding Website improvement and statistics analysis: as long as it’s necessary to realise the analyses, and then they are anonymised.

In accordance with the Regulation 2016/679/UE and the applicable legal dispositions, you enjoy rights on your personal data (access, rectification, erasure, right to object, data portability, restriction and the right to withdraw any consent you may have given) that you may exercise following the conditions laid in the aforementioned legal dispositions, directly before the LFP data protection officer (DPO) by filling the dedicated form or by mail: “à l'attention du DPO de la LFP - 6 Rue Léo Delibes 75116 Paris – FRANCE”.

You can also lodge a complaint with the Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL) directly on its website :