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Troyes launch 'ESTAC x Martin Solveig'

Publish on 22/11/2021 at 08:51 - L.DAVEY


ESTAC Troyes gave supporters a treat before Sunday's clash with Saint-Etienne, when they organised a pre-match concert hosted by French DJ, Martin Solveig.

The move came after Troyes announced a multi-season collaboration with the world-famous electronic DJ and Sunday's live performance at the Stade de l'Aube gave Solveig the opportunity to unveil the new entry music for the Troyes players - a special version of his hit song 'All Stars'.

Solveig also participated in the pre-match warm up with the players to the sound of his best-known songs, as the crowd at the Stade de l'Aube got into a party mood.

An honour

"It's an honour for me that one of my tracks was used as entry music for players as they made their way onto the pitch," said Solveig. "It's in keeping with my philosophy as I try to make music to unite, bring people together and transmit positive values."

Magne: 'Innovation is part of ESTAC's DNA'

"The experience for fans and supporters is not just about football, but also entertainment," said Executive Chairman and CEO of ESTAC, Aymeric Magne. "Music is a very popular element of culture which is also essential in the entertainment we provide in our stadium but also in the positioning of the club. We had the idea of making a collaboration with Martin Solveig, one of the leaders of the international electronic scene.

“Innovation is part of ESTAC’s DNA and that has grown since the arrival of City Football Group. This is one of our areas of development. We are a Ligue 1 club that remains humble but wants to differentiate itself, especially through this kind of operation. 

"The objective of this collaboration, in addition to the anthem, is also a strong brand, which will be known as 'ESTAC x Martin Solveig'. We look forward to an exciting partnership with Martin." 




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