Hatem Ben Arfa

Hatem Ben Arfa Birthday: Five Magic Moments

Hatem Ben Arfa Birthday: Five Magic Moments

Publish on 03/07 at 19:00 - E. RAZO


Hatem Ben Arfa has made a significant impact on Ligue 1, showcasing his skills with notable clubs such as Lyon, Marseille, and PSG. The French player divided his playing time between France and England, leaving an impressive mark on the pitch.

As the midfielder celebrates his 37th birthday today, here's an overview of some standout moments from his illustrious career.

Olympique Lyonnais vs. VfB Stuttgart: Champions League (2007)

In 2007, a young Ben Arfa netted two goals in Olympique Lyonnais' group stage victory against VfB Stuttgart. The standout goal was the midfielder's impressive dribble past two defenders before striking the ball into the net.

Olympique de Marseille vs. FC Twente: UEFA Cup (2009)

Ben Arfa had another memorable goal in an international competition, this time with Marseille in 2009 against Twente. Instead of sending the ball into the box for a header, the midfielder took a shot and scored an incredible goal with assistance from the goalpost.

OGC Nice vs. Stade Rennais: Ligue 1 (2015)

Ben Arfa showcased a moment of brilliance in the match against Rennes, where his exceptional dribbling skills stole the spotlight. Despite facing a defender attempting to halt his progress, Ben Arfa skillfully maneuvered past them, creating an opportunity to take a shot for the impressive goal.



Stade Rennais vs. Angers SCO: Ligue 1 (2019)

In another stunning Ligue 1 moment, Ben Arfa showcased his skill by single-handedly maneuvering past three Angers players. After a series of deft moves, he cleverly passed the ball to a teammate before receiving it back, ultimately delivering a remarkable goal.

LOSC Lille vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1 (2022)

In a stunning display of skill, Ben Arfa returned to haunt his former team with an impressive dribble that saw him effortlessly glide past Angel Di Maria. Afterward, he provided a precise assist that set up Sven Botman's goal.


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