Melvin Bard

Inside the OGC Nice locker room with Melvin Bard

Inside the OGC Nice locker room with Melvin Bard

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OGC Nice's Melvin Bard is coming off scoring the game-tying goal against Olympique de Marseille on Wednesday and now he's giving a glimpse into the team's locker room. Bard, who came to Nice from Lyon in 2019, recently chatted with Ligue 1 about who brings the energy, who's the coach's favorite, and who's in charge of the tunes in the locker room.

To start, where's your spot in the locker room? 

"I'm between Morgan Sanson and Tom Louchet!"

Who's your most stylish teammate? 

"I'd say Khephren Thuram, Jean-Clair Todibo, and Sofiane Diop because they kind of have the same style as me (laughs)."

And the least well-dressed? 

"I don't know... Some go for the classic look, but no one really gets teased about it!"

Who is the official DJ in the locker room? 

"Khephren Thuram! He plays everything: French rap, American rap, 80s songs, Brazilian music... It fits more with what I listen to since I'm into rap and reggaeton. I like Eminem, Ninho, Bad Bunny, Ozuna..."

Who is the biggest sore loser?

"Pablo Rosario! He's a sore loser and a cheater! He talks a lot, he tries to stall, all sorts of little tricks!"

And who's the biggest teaser?

"Jean-Clair Todibo, he's the worst, really! He teases everyone!"

Who's the coach's pet? 

"Maybe Dante!"

The funniest? 

"There are a lot of funny guys in this locker room: Khephren Thuram, Teddy Boulhendi, Jean-Clair Todibo, Marcin Bulka... They're crazy!"

And the wildest one? 

"Everyone's off-the-wall in this locker room, but Pablo Rosario and Marcin Bulka might be a step above. Marcin is a total madman!"

Who's the most superstitious? 

"Dante... He has his routines, like others. He listens to music and hums before matches, which brings a lot of good vibes."

Your best buddy on the team? 

"We all get along really well on the team. We're like a real family, but the ones I'm closest to are Sofiane Diop, Khephren Thuram, Teddy Boulhendi, and Jean-Clair Todibo!"

Who is the player who gives the most advice? 

"Dante, for sure. He's the most experienced and the one who gives the most advice. He advises me on my defensive interventions, my positioning... We exchange a lot, even about what happens off the pitch."

Your best locker room memory? 

"After the victory against Monaco in September (A 1-0 win with a late goal from Jérémie Boga)!"

The most hilarious moment?

"It was a few weeks ago in the treatment room. Sofiane Diop and Khephren Thuram were arguing, but I can't repeat what they were saying!"

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