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Social Saïdou: Meet The Strasbourg Defender

Social Saïdou: Meet The Strasbourg Defender

Publish on 03/26 at 01:00 - E. DEVIN


His favorite social media network, his most famous follower, Goku, behind the scenes in the Racing locker room and more from the Guinean defender

On which social networks can we find you?
So, I'm on X (Twitter), Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. And I sometimes use Facebook even though it's not the network most used by people of my generation. I don't post anything on it, I mainly use it to communicate with members of my family who are in Guinea. My favorite network? I would say Twitter. It’s the one I spend the most time on anyway.

How did you choose your profile photos?
On Twitter, I chose a photo of me training with Racing, where I am focused. And on Instagram, I put a photo of Goku because I really like Dragon Ball Z and manga in general. The photo shows Goku regenerating in a machine after being injured, which will allow him to come back stronger and symbolizes self-confidence.

How do you use social media?
I follow quite a variety of accounts, not just football, which allows me to keep up to date with all the news. For example, I started posting again on the situation in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo recently. But otherwise, I'm on social networks to follow the news of my friends, my teammates, manga, music, and to see funny videos too! And then, I also follow athletes like the basketball player LaMelo Ball or Cristiano Ronaldo and my role model Thiago Silva. It allows me to observe what they do in their everyday lives, how they recover, and to try to imitate them.

How much time do you spend on social media each day?

I don't spend a lot of time on the networks but it must still represent an hour a day, maybe even two, I'm not going to lie (smiles)! Let's say that I'm going to spend a good half hour on the networks in the morning and that I'm going to return to it a little in the late afternoon or evening. But I prefer watching a good series to being on my phone. At the moment, I'm in the process of rewatching the complete Game of Thrones, the best series that exists in my opinion!

What is the importance of social networks in the RC Strasbourg Alsace locker room?

I would say that 90% of players watch what is happening on social networks when they are at the club. When we arrive in the morning, change, watch videos, NBA results... But in the locker room, Patrick Vieira forbids us from being on our phones. The only thing you're allowed to use a phone for is to play music in the locker room. Just after victories, however, it happens that some people make little celebration stories.

For several years, clubs have competed in originality to announce transfers on their networks and you were entitled to your little video last summer...
Yes, the club did a great job! When I arrived in Strasbourg, they presented the concept to me and everything was explained to me. I was asked if I had any ideas but there was nothing to add, everything was already perfectly organized. What if I needed multiple takes? No, I am a born actor, I have talent (laughs). No, we tried it 2-3 times but it went very well.




We know that comments from football fans on social networks can be violent. Do you watch what is said about your performances after matches?
Never! I have never worked like that because I think it is useless. There are too many negative comments and the people who will criticize you after one match are the same ones who will congratulate you after the next... It doesn't make sense.

In the clubs you have been through, have you followed training or courses on the use of social networks?
Yes, I received some advice when I was a very young pro in Sainté. We were told what to put or not to put, to be careful what we post after a defeat, to not post a photo where you seem jovial while your club is going through a critical period for example.

Do you manage your networks alone?
Most of the time, yes, but sometimes I get help from my girlfriend and my agents. It remains within my entourage in any case, I do not use an agency that manages my communication on social networks, unlike some players.

Do you get asked for a lot in private messages?
A little, but it’s mainly those around me who manage this part. I know that there are all kinds of requests, for jerseys, services… There are also young footballers who ask for help finding a club.

And do you remember the most original request you received?
Once, a boy wrote me an entire novel where he told me about his life, his story, where he told me that it was complicated. And in the end, he told me that the only solution for him to get better was for me to offer him my jersey. And it worked (laughs), I sent him a jersey!

And what about flirting?
It may happen but we don't talk about it much. As I said, I am in a relationship and it is mainly those around me who take care of the messages I receive on the networks.


Who is your most famous follower?
It's hard to say... I would say William Saliba or Wesley Fofana, with whom I trained at AS Saint-Étienne. I don't think anyone is better known than them. The majority of people who follow me are people I know, teammates or former teammates and supporters.

And your most surprising follower?
Maybe Mansa, a Guinean TikToker who talks a lot about football and who was very inspired during AFCON! He started following me a few weeks ago and it was an opportunity for the two of us to chat a little.

Who is the person who makes you laugh the most on social media?
It’s Mister V. I would say he makes me laugh the most, with his videos. I really like his humor. There's really something innate about him.

Finally, are you friends with your parents on social networks?
My father is not present on the networks but I am friends with my mother on Facebook. As I said earlier, it’s a network that I mainly use to chat with certain members of my family. And then, it’s difficult to refuse your mother’s friend request (laughs).

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