Romain Del Castillo in action

Romain Del Castillo: Lighting it up in Ligue 1

Romain Del Castillo: Lighting it up in Ligue 1

Publish on 12/07 at 00:00 - P. MEEHAN


Romain Del Castillo, 27, of Stade Brestois 29, is seizing the spotlight in the 2023/24 Ligue 1 season. As a right winger, he's tallied 5 goals and 3 assists in just 13 games, hinting at a breakthrough season.

From Olympique Lyonnais to loan spells at various clubs, and passing through Stade Rennais FC, Del Castillo's career is now flourishing at Brest. Despite U21 appearances for France, the senior team has eluded him so far.

This season showcases his evolution. Known for playmaking, he's now equally adept at scoring and assisting, his career track reminiscent of late-blossoming stars like Olivier Giroud or Jonathan Clauss.

Coach Eric Roy's tough-love approach has been instrumental. Praising Del Castillo's talents while demanding defensive commitment, Roy believes his player's offensive potential can soar with improved defensive efforts. "He's a bit mischievous; people think he lacks stamina, but he can make the effort. If he commits defensively, he'll be even more potent offensively as he'll be in sync with the team. That's where I want him to elevate his game. I'm pleased, but I won't let him rest because talented players need a firm hand; otherwise, they become complacent. We'll ensure he remains alert at all times."

Del Castillo echoes Roy's sentiments, embracing constructive criticism as motivation for improvement. “I've always heard that when a coach stops talking to you, it's a red flag. So, even when he offers criticism, it's a positive sign. I take it in stride, and it motivates me to work even harder."

Del Castillo's growing confidence, refined skills, and alignment with Roy's vision paint a promising picture for the season's remainder. Could this be his breakthrough year, possibly earning him a shot at the French national team?

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