Toulouse FC's Shavy Babicka

Ligue 1 Meets: Shavy Babicka

Ligue 1 Meets: Shavy Babicka

Publish on 03/15 at 12:00 - E. DEVIN


In a new exclusive interview, we spoke with Toulouse's Gabonese attacker, Shavy Babicka.

His recruitment by Toulouse

“I knew that Toulouse used data for its recruitment. I spoke about it with Steeve Yago who played here (a player trained at TFC) and whom I knew from Limassol. But before being contacted by Téfécé, during the Christmas holidays, I didn't know what that data was... The club showed me all the interest it had in me. They came to see me and explain the project to me. To be honest, I didn't think about it. Everything was very clear, like the objectives to be achieved. I joined immediately! Because I am a player who thrives on challenge."

His style of play

“I am a player who likes to find space. I like to stand on the flanks. I'm not the type of player to combine with the midfield, to drop back. No, I like to play one on one, to  take up space. When I played in a two-man attack, it was always me who stretched play. This is where I feel most comfortable. I like a direct style of play, moving forward to get myself facing the opponent's goal as quickly as possible."

His view of Carles Martínez Novell

“He is very close to the players. The coach is always smiling! But when he has to be tough, he is. I appreciate his way of being. He tries to do everything possible to keep the group together. This is what we've seen on the pitch during the last few matches. Everyone feels involved. Even those who only come into play for a minute, they play it to the fullest!"

“I didn’t come to Toulouse to stick my nose in the air”

The club's objectives for the end of the season

“We want to finish as high as possible in the table. The group is motivated. After our journey in the Europa League we said to ourselves that this is now the home stretch. We only have the league left and we have to put everything into it. We are all focused. The coach warned us that we must not take the easy route, that we must keep our feet on the ground, because we still need to win. We are all aware of the importance of the situation. Personally, I didn’t come to Toulouse to stick my nose in the air. After I'm done, I would like people to remember how much I gave of myself, what I brought to the club. I don't want to rush this."

The European adventure

“We were a little disappointed (to be eliminated by Benfica, in the Europa League play-off)... Because deep down, we knew it was possible. In the return leg, we were unlucky (0-0), missing a lot of chances. We were not below their level, and we are very proud of our performance against a team like Benfica. Our supporters were magnificent! I felt like I was at home because I could hear them very well from the sidelines."

“I didn’t want to stay at home”

His departure to Rwanda at 18

“In this period (2020), the Gabonese league had not been played (suspended due to COVID). And I didn't want to stay at home or just train. I needed competition. I had the opportunity to go to Rwanda (Kiyovu Sports). I told myself it was worth it, that I would play at least one year to stay competitive (He stayed three seasons between 2019 and 2021). It wasn't easy because I was still a teenager and I didn't speak a word of English. Coming from Africa, I knew it wasn't going to be easy, that I was going to have to work a lot. I left my studies to concentrate on football."

His arrival in Europe… in Limassol

“First, I went through Russia before going to Cyprus. I was supposed to sign in Russia during a pre-season tournament. I had a good performance there which led the president of Limassol to make me an offer. He told my agent that I should not sign in Russia, but with him. I didn’t even know where Cyprus was…When I got there, I said to myself: “This is only the beginning”. And going there was the best choice of my career so far."

His first appearance with Gabon

“It was against DR Congo and also my first goal (June 2022). It was a tough match because we arrived only 20 minutes before kick-off! I was very proud of this victory. I cried at the end of the match in the locker room because it has always been my dream to represent my country."

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