FC Nantes' Samuel Moutoussamy ahead of his side's match against Le Havre

Ligue 1 Meets: Samuel Moutoussamy

Ligue 1 Meets: Samuel Moutoussamy

Publish on 04/25 at 21:00 - E. DEVIN


Ahead of tomorrow's clash with Montpellier HSC, we spoke with FC Nantes midfielder Samuel Moutoussamy

To begin with, where is your place in the locker room?
I am between Mostafa Mohamed and Kader Bamba. It was me who chose this place, it’s the one I wanted! Kader has been my pal for years because we both played in the reserves when we started with the club, and Mostafa, I get along very well with him. It’s a place where we gather with friends.

Who is your most stylish teammate?
Ah, that’s a good question! I want to say myself (laughs). No, actually, I'm going to say Kader Bamba! He likes to dress in a quirky way, he has good inspiration. I like the pieces he wears.

And the worst dressed?
Ah there, I'm going to disappoint you! I think it's Moses Simon. Sometimes, frankly, he wears anything. I'm not going to say more but honestly...



The messiest player?
My neighbor, Mostafa Mohamed! He scatters his things everywhere, he doesn't put anything away.

Who is the official locker room DJ?
There is no official DJ but it is often Alban Lafont who is in charge. He puts on a bit of everything: African music, French rap, American rap… He knows how to bring variety to the styles. We all approve as soon as he turns on the sound system. I recommend him! Plus, he has connections with DJs, it’s an area he's the boss in!

The worst loser?
It's among between several players... Me, for example, I'm a very bad loser. Alban Lafont too. As soon as he loses a game, he gets very, very frustrated. He'll start complaining, attacking the players on his team, the rules... But I can't judge him, I'm exactly the same (laughs)!

And the most easy to get along with?
Jean-Charles Castelletto! He seems calm but not at all. He has the image of someone calm when he speaks but it’s really just an image (laughs). He likes to cut everyone and make fun. He is a great hunter and he likes to target his victims. He makes fun of Moussa Sissoko a lot, and it makes us laugh. He teases him about everything, he mentions his name in any conversation. He is very funny!

The funniest?
It's difficult. There are a lot of funny guys: Jean-Charles Castelletto, Alban Lafont, Kader Bamba... But if I have to choose one, I'll still say Jean-Charles!

Who is the craziest?
It’s Jean-Kévin Duverne! He's very funny, very crazy. His way of being is funny. He is in the same level of delirium as Jean-Charles Castelletto, he likes to make jokes. He exists in his own bubble.

And the most superstitious one in the locker room?
Frankly, I can't name anyone specific. Everyone has their own little routine but there is nothing unusual.



Who is the best dancer?
It’s Ignatius Ganago! And just behind him, there is Bénie Traoré. Obviously, Gana dances a little less since he was injured and we see him less in the locker room, but Bénie has taken over. He was shy at first, but now he dances all the time in the locker room.

Your best friend on the team?
I have many ! We all get along very well but the ones with whom I have the most affinity, because we've been together for a long time, are Marcus Coco, Kader Bamba, Alban Lafont, Jean-Charles Castelletto, then I'm going also add Jean-Kévin Duverne and Moussa Sissoko. They arrived more recently but we got along very well from the start.

The player who gives the most advice?
There are a lot of players who speak out. There is Moussa, Alban, J-C, me... Afterwards, we have Pedro Chirivella who perhaps expresses himself a little less in terms of advice but, on the pitch, he will always guide you and communicate what needs to be resolved. But there are quite a few of us in the team who express ourselves, it’s very even.

What is your best locker room memory with FC Nantes?
It’s winning the Coupe de France (a 1-0 victory against OGC Nice in 2022)! The locker room was crazy, it was a real party. There was champagne everywhere, the music was loud, we were all dancing... Honestly, it was tough. It’s an unforgettable memory.

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