What will it take for Ligue 1 survival this season?

What will it take for Ligue 1 survival this season?

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As the Ligue 1 Uber Eats season hurtles towards its climax, the battle to avoid relegation is intensifying, with clubs fighting tooth and nail to secure their top-flight status. We take a look at what it has taken in history for clubs to keep their status in the league, and how it could take more points this season...

In the era of three points for a win and with 18 clubs vying for supremacy, history provides a stark reminder of the razor-thin margins that separate survival from relegation. Over the past five seasons, the average points tally required to escape the drop stands at a nerve-wracking 37.6. However, (attention Metz, Le Havre, and Lorient) this season threatens to push that threshold a litter higher...

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The temperature rises at the bottom of the table

Looking back at past campaigns, the highest points total accrued by the lowest-placed non-relegated team was a mere 42 (Marseille in 1999-2000), while the lowest hovered at 35. With the current occupants of the relegation zone unable to surpass 41 points, and even dropping to 40 considering the play-off position.

The highest points tally for the lowest placed non-relegated side in a 18-club season in the 3-points for a win era is 42, the worst is 35. This season, the lowest placed non-relegated side can't exceed 41 points if we take into account 15th place currently occupied by Metz. That total even drops to 40 if the play-off position (currently occupied by Le Havre AC) is maintained.

But with an average of less than one point per game since the start of the season and a difficult fixture list, it is possible that the record for maintaining top-flight survival with the lowest number of points could be broken (35 for HAC in 1998/99 and En Avant Guingamp in 2001/02).

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