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Ligue 1 Breakdown: Analyzing This Season's Penalty Kicks

Ligue 1 Breakdown: Analyzing This Season's Penalty Kicks

Publish on 05/21 at 23:00 - E. RAZO


The 2023-24 Ligue 1 season was a terrific one for penalty kick takers as 81 percent of penalties were converted in this campaign (85 out of 105), up slightly from last season (79.7 percent).

This season saw a total of 105 penalties taken, marking the lowest count for a full season since 2015-16 when there were 92 penalties. In the 2020-21 season, players took a staggering 161 penalties, marking the highest count in the past six seasons.

In terms of penalties per match, the 2023-24 season ranks as the fourth-highest since Opta began collecting this data for Ligue 1, averaging 0.34 penalties per match. 

Stade Rennais took the most penalties this season, 11, converting ten of those shots, while Paris Saint-Germain came in second with nine, having converted seven. 

On the other side, FC Lorient had to wait until the final matchday to take their first penalty of the season, which they converted as Les Merlus fell short of avoiding relegation from Ligue 1. 

Stade Brestois and Rennes are among the three teams that faced the fewest penalties in Ligue 1, along with Olympique de Marseille (three penalties faced). FC Nantes faced the most penalties (ten) and conceded the most goals (nine), with Clermont Foot right behind them (seven goals conceded).

Arnaud Kalimuendo and Evan Guessand have each earned three penalties in Ligue 1 this season, putting them ahead of all other players in this regard. With regards to penalties conceded in Ligue 1, AS Monaco'sChrislain Matsima stands out significantly. 

Matsima conceded four penalties this season, surpassing the tally of entire teams such as Marseille, Brest, or Rennes. We need to rewind to the 2011-12 season to find a player who conceded more penalties in a single season.

Both Lucas Chevalier (two penalties saved) and Marcin Bulka (three penalties saved) made history this season by each saving multiple penalties in one match. 

Chevalier blocked two penalty shots in a game against FC Metz, while Bulka thwarted two penalty attempts in a match against Monaco. This achievement marked the first time since 2010 that two goalkeepers managed such a feat in a single league game.

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